Utilize Tortilla Strips to add color, crunch, and
flavor to dishes for just pennies per serving.



Our Tortilla Strips are ready to use right out of the bag. They add color, crunch and flavor to Southwestern dishes!

Value To Your Operation

Adding a half-ounce serving of Tortilla Strips costs just 10 cents but allows your salad to be menued for 60 cents more.

Add Tri-Colored Tortilla Strips to your tortilla soup for crunch and authenticity!

Menu Ideas

Tortilla Soup

Southwestern Salads



BBQ Chicken Wraps

ABOUT Terry Tortilla

Ever since he was a young tortilla, Terry has had a knack for getting into things. Wherever there was a dish that could use a little more zest or a meal that was lacking a bit of crunch, Terry would somehow find his way into it. Whether it is swimming in a bowl of savory tortilla soup or high jumping atop a Southwestern salad, Terry and the gang always find a way to bring the fiesta to any dish.

Favorite Dish

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Favorite Holiday

Cinco de Mayo

Best Friends

The Tortilla Twins nicknamed "Big Red" and "Blue"

Key Attributes

Authentic, confident, life of the party