Add great color and flavor
to your dishes with dried fruit!



Dried fruit is an easy and delicious way to add color to your dishes. Made from 100% natural, premium, Grade A fruits.

Value To Your Operation

Dried fruits are delicious, nutritious, and versatile.

Ready to use right out of the bag, they add color to numerous menu items.

Menu Ideas

Gourmet Oatmeal

Turkey Wraps

Fruit Harvest Salad

Muffins & Other Baked Goods

ABOUT Sherri Cranberry

Although nutritious and full of good intentions, Sherri was just another cranberry. It wasn't until she encountered her first bowl of oatmeal that she knew she'd be a star. Her bright red form stood out and her tart yet sweet flavor enhanced every dish she dove into. At home among so many dishes, from oatmeal to salads, Sherri found her stage. She has since come to be the star of healthy meals everywhere.

Favorite Dish

Oatmeal (with lots of toppings)

Favorite Band

The Cranberries

Fashion Tip

Accessorize with a splash of color

Key Attributes

Sweet, attractive