Add health-appeal, flavor, and texture
to your dishes with almonds and other culinary nuts.



Nuts can add an extra dimension of flavor, texture and nutrition benefits to a wide range of menu items - anything from salads to oatmeal to desserts.

Almonds, walnuts, and pecans are all showing increased popularity on menus, growing between 70-135% over the past 4 years.

Value To Your Operation

With our assortment of nuts, you'll have no trouble finding the right one to fit your menu in any daypart.

At breakfast, embrace the fastest growing trend: oatmeal, and elevate its value by adding nuts!

For lunch and dinner, feature entre salads with the sweet and savory addition of honey roasted almonds or glazed walnuts!

Menu Ideas

Gourmet Oatmeal

Deli Crunch Wraps

Asian Chicken Salad

Yogurt Parfait

Apple & Blue Cheese Spinach Salad

ABOUT Alex Almond

Adaptable and accommodating, Alex is one health-nut who staked his claim on tasty salads, oatmeal and an array of desserts. Sliced or slivered, he's willing to adapt his shape to accommodate every food he can find. His athletic nature pushes him to stop at nothing until everyone who wants an almond, has an almond.

Favorite Dish

Asian Chicken Salad

Favorite Comic Strip


Favorite Ballet

The Nutcracker

Key Attributes

Health-nut, athlete, multi-tasker