Check out the numerous crouton options
that will help drive sales of salads and soups!



We offer a wide variety of cuts including Homestyle, Cube, Country, and French. Our croutons are toasted to a golden brown and perfectly seasoned to lend texture and flavor to your dishes.

Value To Your Operation

Menu data shows that adding a half-ounce serving of croutons to soup only costs only $0.07, but it increases the soup's value and appeal by over $2!

Plus, they cost nearly one-quarter the price of croutons made from scratch because they are virtually labor-free.

Menu Ideas

French Onion Soup

Chicken Club Salad

Tomato Bisque

Caesar Salad

ABOUT Mr. Crouton

As a responsible, dependable and natural leader, Mr. Crouton takes his duties as the original salad topping very seriously. He is a realist and a visionary. He recognizes that the topping world is larger than just salads and that anything can be topped -- which is why he has made it his personal mission to introduce you to the best of the best in the topping community.

Favorite Dish

Caesar Salad

Guilty Pleasure

Afternoon naps on his bed of lettuce

Favorite Quote

"When life gives you bread, make croutons." -- Anonymous

Key Attributes

Responsible, dependable, leader, realist, visionary